Cerakote Specifications and Colour Swatches

Cerakote ® Coatings improve performce and reliability over conventioanl finishes. this state-of-the-art coatinng technology out-performs any competitive coating in both laborratory settings and real world applications

  • Superior wear resistance
  • excellent corrosion protection
  • impact & scratch resistant
  • maximun adhesion
  • low dry-flim thickness
  • maximun hardness
  • extreme flexibility
  • high surface coverage
  • easy application
  • amooth, consistent finish
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • made in the U.s.A


Salt Spray (ASTM B117) Corrosion testing is used to evaluate the rela­tive corrosion resistance of coated components exposed to a 5% salt solution fog with a constant tem­perature of 95F degrees. Cerakote® showed minimal signs of corrosion even after 3,000 hours in the salt spray chamber. This study shows that Cerakote® preserves the life of a firearm in a corrosive environment longer than any competitive finish.


The ability of Cerakote® to resist chemical attack was tested by dip­ping coated panels into a series of chemicals to which the coating may be exposed during regular use and extreme conditions. The panels were placed in the solution and allowed to sit for 24 hours. The results of this test are shown in the table to the left.

Cerakote® is classified as ‘Excellent’ for a variety of chemical tests. This indicates that the coating was not affected following a 24-hour immer­sion in the chemicals. Cerakote® also showed good resistance to 5% HCL solution.


Testing performed by anindependent testing facility proved that Cerakote® is 7 1/2 times more wear resistant than any other firearm coating. Taber abrasion is an approved ASTM method which is used to determine the wear resistance of coatings by rotating an abrasive disk on the surface of a coatedsubstrate.

Swatches Elite and H-Series 

See below for samples of the colours available for your project. If you live in or near Launceston, Tasmanian you can see your colour choices in person by arranging a viewing of colour samples prior to committing to upon booking.