1. What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is an oven cured; thin film ceramic firearm coating that is rust-proof, self-lubricating, scratch-resistant, and solvent resistant.
Cerakote is one of the hardest and most durable coatings available, combined with its unmatched rust prevention, its applied thickness of 0.0005”- 0.001” along with the choice of colours available it is best protection you can put on your firearm hands down.

2. How long does it last?

Cerakote is a permanent ceramic finish that is designed to last the lifetime of the firearm.
Cerakote could strongest and most durable and most rust resistant coating there is, but it is no magic bullet. The coating can still be abused by rough handling and rough holsters.
General wear and tear will still happen, it will just occur at a reduced rate. Cerakote will not age or fade away except if it is worn down by use it will remain as is for life.
Cerakote is designed to be a permanent coating, that being said you can always change the colour scheme of your firearm by having it professionally removed and another coating re-applied in a different colour(s)or pattern.

3. Does Cerakote add any significant physical dimension to any part of a firearm?

Cerakote is designed to be super-thin; it is milled to the submicron level during the manufacturing process. The applied thickness of Cerakote is typically between 0.0005” to 0.001”. On 99.9% of firearms this is no problem it is only the extreme high end custom firearms with extreme tolerances such as Defiance Actions that Cerakoting the inside of the action is not recommended.

4. Does Cerakote eliminate or reduce normal firearm maintenance in any way?

The most desired maintenance reducing attribute of Cerakote is the corrosion protection.A professionally applied Cerakote finish makes true all weather firearms.
Stainless steel can and will rust if not kept dry and in a moisture free environment.
When applied properly Cerakote eliminates the need to oil the exterior of your gun for corrosion protection.
Cerakote also has outstanding chemical resistance from the likes of bore cleaners and other firearm related chemicals.
As shown in this ASTM Corrosion Test Video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlUwOR4Tq10
No other firearm finish will achieve 2,000 to 3,000 hours in a salt spray test.

5. What colours are available?

Cerakote H-Series is available in over 100 colours. The Elite Series is currently available in 8 different colours. To view samples of these visit our colour page.
We have samples of all the colours on hand so if you are located in or near Launceston, Tasmania we can arrange for you to view samples in person when dropping your firearm off to be re-finished.
Link to Cerakote Website colour finishes
We have an extensive range of the Cerakote colours in stock, and can order in if needed from our local supplier with very little lead time.

6. Can you do disruptive, camouflage or other patterns?

You can have your firearm finished in a unique way with pattern of your choice. We can either use a stencil (say Kryptec, Triger Stripe and Digital etc.) or we can do a custom freehand pattern of your choosing. Most patterns work best with 2-3 colours

7. What items can you Cerakote?

Cerakote can be applied to all types of metal surfaces, plastics, polymers, composites, fiberglass and even wood.
Typically the only surfaces that cannot be coated are soft rubbers typically found on recoil pads, bipod rubber feet and scope flip-up covers because of the extremely flexible properties of the rubber compound used in these items.

8. My firearm has severe pitting, will Cerakote hide it?

Cerakote is designed to be extremely thin as to not affect tolerances on firearms. Any surface imperfections still visible after the previous coating has been removed will still be visible after it has been re-finished with Cerakote.
Cerakote’s rust prevention properties are extremely good, so once the firearm has be carefully prepared for coating all rust will be removed and you can be assured those pits will never get worse.

9. Can you Cerakote a Scope or Optical Sight?

We can re-finish your scope but please be aware that you will lose your factory warranty and there is the slightest chance your scope may be damaged in the process as they are precise optical instruments. It has never happened to us, but it may happen. Be really sure it is really necessary to have it done.

10. How long does it take to get a gun Cerakoted?

Typically it is 1-2 weeks, but it all depends on our back log of Cerakote work at the time. Please contact us via email or by phone to see how when we can fit you in.
Please Note; you do not have to ship or drop off your firearm until we are ready to for it. Once you have booked it your firearm for re-finishing we will advise you when you need to have the firearms delivered to us.

11. Is the Cerakote finish very shiny or very matt?

For the H-Series of oven-cured coatings we can largely control the final appearance during the preparation in a Shiny, Satin or a Matt look.
For the Elite Series of oven-cured finishes these are largely Shiny in appearance but are off-the-scale hard.

12. How do I make a booking?

To make a booking all you need to do it either fill out the contact form on this website or call Double Tap Designs on 0423 080 091 to arrange for a consultation on the re-finishing options available to you.

13. Can I ship my firearm to you?

If you are not located in or near Launceston, Tasmania you will have to arrange to have your firearm shipped to us via a Licenced Firearms Dealer that is the law.
Firearms can be dropped and picked up in person by the licence holder.
We will not accept firearms from third parties unless they are they are Licence Firearms Dealers acting on your behalf.
IOW we will not accept your mate’s firearms from you; he has to be present to show his licence and proof of registration of the firearm in question.
We do not except shipping from individual licence holders as it is offence under the Tasmanian Firearms Act to ship firearm parts in the mail in Tasmania unless you are a Licenced Firearms Dealer.
The shipping and return shipping costs are your responsibility.
If shipping your firearm through a dealer please package the firearm in a sturdy case or box in a condition you would like to receive back in.

14. What you need to send with your firearm?

When you drop your firearm off to be re-finished we will need to sight a copy of the firearm Registry Identification Number (Blue slip in Tasmania) / proof of registration and we will also need to see your firearms licence to confirm the firearm belongs to you and you are appropriately licenced.

15. How much does it cost to Cerakote a gun?

Prices for Handguns slides in single colour start at$150
Prices for a Barrel Rifle action in single colour start at $220

See our Services and Prices Page for all available options.

16. Do you guarantee your work?

Our Cerakote re-finishing is 100% guarantee against the technical failure of the coating, flaking or peeling and cracking for life.
A technical failing of the coating will be apparent almost immediately and will be picked up in our in-house Quality Control Checks before it leaves the premises and would be re-done before it is even delivered.
We cannot control the environment and use of the firearm once it leaves our care and therefore cannot guarantee against wear and tear.

17. Can you re-do my Cerakote if I damage it or if I want something else?

Yes. Cerakote is designed to be permanent but we can always professionally remove it, and re-finish your firearm in another colour or pattern to suit.

18. Can I have the coating removed in the future and go back to the factory finish?

Yes and No. The application of cerakote requires that all of the pervious coating be removed. You can have the coating blasted off and re-finished in a difference colour scheme or other treatment done (even similar to the factory finish). Plastics and polymer once they have been coated, they will always have to be coated.